Robust Breadboard Jumpers



The component-leg I was using as for a home-made breadboard jumper just snapped off in the middle of a build! Soldering a component leg to hook-up wire isn’t the strongest solution to making a bread-board jumper:

No doubt a lot of you probably have a box of professionally made breadboard jumper leads.  However,  if you’re in a time of need, I have an amazing way for you to make your home-made jumper leads stronger than a store-bought one!

First, solder a spare component leg or piece of stiff single-core wire onto a nice flexible wire, similar to the picture above.

Secondarily, go grab yourself a tissue (Or toilet paper, or cotton balls, something with cellulose),  scissors, and a tube of superglue. When you’re back cut yourself a thin slice of tissue about a centimeter wide and 5 or 10 long, just like so:

Wrap the tissue as tight as you can around the wire junction, make sure the tissue is touching both the probe and the insulation of the wire. Squeeze the tissue down flat or twist it to make it snug.  We are going to harden the tissue to make a mechanical joint.

Grab your superglue and sparingly drop it all over the tissue until it’s entirely covered. The glue will soak into the tissue and almost immediately make the tissue rock hard, creating a secure mechanical support for your solder weld.  Afterward, I also like to cut the leg off at an angle, creating a sharp point which helps the probe slide into those more finicky bread-board holes without bending.


Here is the final result:


The final probe is surprisingly strong and functional.  The super-glue sets incredibly hard and the slightly-rough feel the tissue has makes the probe easy to grip. I’ve never had one of these break on me. Give it a try! Happy tinkering!


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