Flashing the STM32F103 using a Raspberry Pi 3

 Preparing the Raspberry Pi 3 Install the stm32flash utility: git clone https://git.code.sf.net/p/stm32flash/code stm32flash-code cd stm32flash-code sudo make install Move the high performance UART from the Bluetooth device to  the GPIO pins: sudo nano /boot/config.txt Add the following line: dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt Edit cmdline.txt: sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt Remove the following text in cmdline.txt to prevent a console from running… Continue reading Flashing the STM32F103 using a Raspberry Pi 3


Class D Amplifier for the Arduino

The pulse-width-modulated output of an arduino is often used in conjunction with a small piezo-electric speaker to create tones and music. This simple approach works well; but if you try to scale up this approach and use a larger speaker, you'll find the power output of the digital IO pin is not sufficient to drive it properly.  To drive a… Continue reading Class D Amplifier for the Arduino

Robust Breadboard Jumpers

  Agggh... The component-leg I was using as for a home-made breadboard jumper just snapped off in the middle of a build! Soldering a component leg to hook-up wire isn't the strongest solution to making a bread-board jumper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/siliconjunction/jumper1.jpg No doubt a lot of you probably have a box of professionally made breadboard jumper leads. … Continue reading Robust Breadboard Jumpers